Learn Guitar, ukulele, bouzouki, Music theory and composition:

As a teacher, I work to ensure your experience is educational and fun. I use a straightforward approach to teaching theory and technique, with a three-part lesson plan adapting to your skill level and interest: 

1. Proficiencies:  Playing scales, arpeggios, chords, chord inversions, chords with bass lines, chord melody, chord progressions, techniques, music theory, and more. 

2. Reading:  Identifying single notes in all positions, reading chord symbols, reading chords and melody together, reading rhythms. 

3. Song Repertoire:  Learning and appreciating songs, understanding the theory used in the song development, incorporating emotions and dynamics into the song, and learning how to apply learned proficiencies to master the songs and add personal improvisational touches to the songs. 

Each student is monitored with a checklist that follows the three categories so we can identify strengths and weaknesses as students progress through different musical styles.  The checklists help to guide additional learning objectives and practice recommendations. 

I also encourage students to be creative and expand their song selection and experiment with sounds and styles outside the lesson materials. 

Composition and Song Writing:

I teach and review basic elements and theory required for musical composition: understanding melodic and harmonic motifs, intros, bridges, chord progression variations, dynamics, rhythm styles and variations, song forms, endings, hooks and riffs. 

During the composition, I help the students explore creative ideas to expand their ideas and experiment with new styles and textures. 


Online lesson (Zoom, FaceTime, Skype, connected with condenser mic for great sound) 

and in person lessons

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